GRENDIZER - Waterfall Base (Die Cast) with Ejectable Spaizer (vinyl) Action Figure - Goldorak - Goldrake - Animated Series - UFO Go Nagai

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The Grendizer Waterfall Base with ejectable Spaizer. This is a model of a secret base and space science lab owned by Doctor Genzo Umon inside a dam from where Duke Fleed and his robot Grendizer operate. In order to confound the enemy, Duke Fleed can use many different routes starting from the base. The main exit and most famous one as seen in the Grendizer TV series is the one modeled in this toy. The small ejectable spaizer is made of plastic, however the main part of the toy containing the ejection system is completely made of high quality die cast. There will also be a highly limited variant of this item, the Grendizer Base with weathered look.