Grendizer Goldorak - Vinyl Spaizer UFO 12 Inch Action Figure - HL-Pro High Dream - Spazer Go Nagai Spacer Robot

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Based on the anime series UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER. Produced during the 70's by DYNAMIC PLANNING of the manga creator NAGAI GO, Grendizer became the Japanese anime robot icon of the era and still is up to today. A huge hit in several European countries, especially France, Italy and several Middle Eastern countries.. The main Hero 'Duke Fleed' a.k.a Prince of Euphor manages to escape his planet invaded by king VEGA's army with one of the latest enemy's weapons, the robot 'Grendizer'. It is on Earth that Duke fleed will find a new family and allies and with his new friends he will find ways to upgrade 'GRENDIZER' and prepare for the fight against King Vega and his generals heading for our planet and with plans to install an outpost on the dark side of Earth's moon. This is an upgraded version of the classic HL Pro 12 inch Grendizer Spacer, with Grendizer docked in his transportation ship, as seen in the TV series. Made with ABS plastic parts instead of soft vinyl. Grendizer can’t be removed from the spaceship.