Grendizer - Gin Gin Metaltech 04 Diecast 6" inch Figure From High Dream (HL-Pro)- Goldorake - Animated Series

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rom HL Pro. From the Grendizer series, episode 7, Gin is not just another high tech war machine, part of King Vegan's arsenal. It's pilot, Janus, from the fearsome "Ruin Division," is determined to prove that he can be the greatest Vegan General, superior to Blaki and Gandal, by beating Grendizer. The new METALTECH action figure, MT04 is a 6" replica of the Gin robot. Like all other HL PRO METALTECH robots, it is made of high-quality die-cast parts, features 20 points of articulation and comes with loads of accessories including shields, circular saw attachments, magnetic forearms, additional hands and a multi-base system.