Grendizer - Duke Fleed Limited Edition 14" inch Resin Statue From High Dream (HL Pro) - Goldorake - Goldorak - Animated Series

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From deep space, Dr. Hell is back and planning to destroy the human race using a legion of powerful robots. Zeus, the Greek god, is prepared to help and rescue the planet. For this he creates a robot, Z Mazinger, piloted by Koki Kabuto. Later Koji Kabuto is helped by Aphrodite piloted by Sayaka and other well-known characters from the Mazinger universe. They all fight the invading armies together. The Mazinger Duke Fleed Grendizers Hand Fine Art Statue features he main hero of Grendizer, Duke Fleed, in Grendizer's Hand. This beautiful resin measures 14-inches tall x 11 3/4-inches long. Limited edition of 777 pieces worldwide.